Volume II, 2012

Volume II, 2012


Editorial (PDF ǁ HTML)

Articles: ICT in Higher Education

ICT in Indian Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Ajit Mondal & Jayanta Mete, University of Kalyani, Kalyani, West Bengal, India

Virtual Effects with Virtuous Personality: A Sufi Approach to the Ethical Aspects of ICT in Education (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Mohammad Shaheer Siddiqui, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan

Integrating ICT in Teaching Learning Framework in India: Initiatives and Challenges (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Rumpa Das, Mahestala College, West Bengal, India

The Advent of ICT in Higher Education and its Implications (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Anupama Singh , Sibpur Ambika Hindi High School, Howrah, India

Mobile Communication Devices as a Tool of Educational Process: A Brief Reference to Indian Scenario (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Abhijit Mitra, Bhairab Ganguly College, Kolkata

Fostering Autonomous Learning through Technology in the   

Language Classroom (PDF ǁ HTML)

By  A. Linda Primlyn, Scott Christian College (Autonomous), Nagercoil, India

ICT as an Aid in the Teaching of English Literature and

Bridging the Digital Divide (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Manali Jain, Gauhati University, Assam, India

Online Research Methodology: Using the Internet and the Web for Research and Publication (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Tarun Tapas Mukherjee, Bhatter College, Dantan, West Bengal, India

Articles: Case Studies on ICT

Digitalizing Learning Contents in Cameroon’s Higher Education: Toward Standardizing a Critical Theory Course Site in the University of Yaounde I (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Charles Ngiewih Teke, University of Munich, Germany

Influence of Interactive Multimedia Courseware: a Case Study among the Students of Physical Science of Class VIII (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Sujit Pal, Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal, India, Sibananda Sana , Govt.Training College, Hooghly, West Bengal, India, Asis Kumar Ghosh, Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal, India

Facebook as a Tool in Higher Education and the Gender Issue: a Survey among Students in Bankura (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Suvapriya Chatterjee, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India

Articles: ICT in Contemporary Culture

Queering the Cyberspace: Towards a Space/Identity Discussion (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Rohit K Dasgupta, University of the Arts London

Book Review

A Useful Handbook for the Professionals: A Review of Nitin and Mamata Bhatnagar’s Book Communicative English for Engineers and Professionals (PDF ǁ HTML)

By Mithun Bhattacharjya, Independent Scholar, West Bengal, India