Awareness among Teachers about Right to Information Act-2005 with Special Reference to Their Experience and Streams

Dr. Pargat Singh Garcha

Asst. Prof. GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sadhar. Email:

 Volume VII, Number 2, 2017 I Full Text PDF

DOI: 10.25274/bcjms.v7n2.v7n2sc05


This paper is an attempt to study influence of years of service (more than 5 years/ less than 5 years) and stream (arts/science), on awareness among teachers towards right to information act-2005. A descriptive research design of survey type was adopted for the study. This study was conducted on a sample of 70 teachers attending orientation and refresher course in UGC-HRDC, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, from different states in India. Sample was classified on the basis of experience and stream. Self prepared questionnaire was used to assess the awareness of teachers towards RTI-Act. The study revealed that there is no significant mean difference found on the awareness towards RTI Act-2005 among teachers on the variable of experience but on the bases of stream mean difference was significant.

Keywords:  RTI-Act, Experience, Stream, College and University Teachers

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